What is Sauganash?

Sauganash Study Center grew out of a desire of families to complement the education young men receive at home and at school. Our goal is to serve families by helping parents in their efforts to guide their sons to the highest ideals lived out both personally and professionally. We strive to make Sauganash a second home – a place where young men discover themselves and form deep friendships. We encourage everyone who comes to Sauganash to embrace the world around them and seek answers to its challenges with confidence and competence.

Our Mission

Forming men of ideals ready to engage the world.

Sauganash and Opus Dei

Sauganash’s programs are based on a Christian worldview that emphasizes service to others, love for freedom, loyal friendship, and hard work. The Christian orientation of Sauganash’s activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. Saint Josemaría Escriva, its founder, saw the calling to holiness as an invitation extended to all people to follow Jesus Christ in his years working as a carpenter by seeing their professional work and interactions with those around them as opportunities to serve and grow in love for God and others.

Contact Us
Sauganash Study Center
5815 N. Cicero Ave.
Chicago, IL 60646

Sauganash Study Center

For questions about activities for middle school, high school, and college students, contact:
Thomas Boles
(310) 954-7784

For questions about activities for professional men, contact:
Mike Larkin
(773) 234-1113

Our Goals

A Purposeful Life

Sauganash strives to instill in each young man a clear sense of being created by God for a unique purpose and that a fulfilled, happy life lies in struggling to carry out that purpose in one’s everyday actions. A key feature of the formation that Sauganash imparts, therefore, is seeking and lovingly embracing the path to happiness that has been prepared for each one of us.


We all find happiness in seeking the good of others. Sauganash challenges young men to live for others, placing the desire to serve the needs of those around them as the defining motivation behind their actions. We strive to help each young man to carry out his duties as a student, friend, and son with a generous spirit of service that serves as the foundation for being a dedicated professional, father, and citizen in the future.


Unconditional and lasting friendship is one of the hallmarks of Sauganash. Every young man at Sauganash is challenged to broaden and deepen his friendships by fostering a self-forgetful desire for the good of others. We endeavor to instill in everyone at Sauganash a sense of unabating loyalty to his friends that makes him an encouraging support to each of them along their paths to their own greatest potential.

Professional Excellence

We contribute to the society in which we live through our work. Work well done, therefore, is indispensable for living a life engaged with the world around us.. We encourage every student to approach schoolwork as he would a paid job, putting in the same effort, care for details, and enthusiasm since studying is his professional work. Furthermore, we emphasize that each young man’s academic work is critically important preparation for his future professional life and giving it the serious consideration and priority it deserves is in fact an act of service for his future clients, coworkers, and family. Professional excellence, however, is not simply a matter of technical proficiency in a particular field, but living a deep commitment to the truth wherever it is found. Sauganash, therefore, encourages in each young man a genuine interest in and love for culture and the world around him.

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