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Sauganash in a Snapshot


Unconditional and lasting friendship is one of the hallmarks of Sauganash. Everyone at Sauganash is challenged to both broaden and deepen his friendships by fostering a self-forgetful desire for the good of others.

Professional Excellence

Everyone at Sauganash learns to see his work as an opportunity to serve others. We emphasize that the value of our work is determined by how we do it, more than what we do. Students learn to approach their schoolwork as a serious obligation with the same effort, care for details, and enthusiasm that they would put into their professional work.

One-on-One Attention

Personal mentoring is an essential component of the formation that Sauganash offers. This one-on-one attention reflects our conviction that each person’s path, abilities, and struggles are unique and require tailored advice that meets him where he is.

Family Atmosphere

We consider Sauganash an extension of each young man’s home and strive to foster a family atmosphere in which everyone takes personal responsibility for the center and contributes to its spirit of fraternal camaraderie. In addition, our goal is to bring each young man’s family into the life of the center by working closely with every set of parents to complement their efforts to lead their sons to the highest ideals.

About Sauganash

Sauganash Study Center is a supplementary education center for young men. Since 1996, it has prepared students to be men of ideals engaging the world through their professional work, friendships, and life of service. Sauganash’s programs are inspired by a Christian spirit which views the world as good, sees work as fulfillment of man’s nature, and emphasizes service towards one’s neighbor. The Christian orientation of Sauganash’s programs is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.