Our Approach

One-on-One Attention

Mentoring is an essential component of the formation that Sauganash offers. This individual attention reflects our conviction that each person’s path, abilities, and struggles are unique. We, therefore, place particular emphasis on self-knowledge so that everyone who comes to Sauganash can learn how to rely on his strengths and overcome his weaknesses to best love and serve those around him.

Forging Character

By his choice of action, a young man is forging his character and determining the man he will become. The activities and mentoring at Sauganash are designed to help young men to pursue ideals, develop self-mastery, achieve responsibility, make and keep commitments, and work hard.

Integral Formation

Forging character means forming the person as a whole. At Sauganash, everyone is challenged to live a unity of life that sees all his actions – even the most insignificant – as opportunities to pursue his highest ideals. We strive to make all activities at Sauganash – not just the times of direct instruction, but also study, sports, activity prep and clean up, birthday celebrations, etc. – occasions to overcome oneself, live for others, and grow in character.

Family Spirit

We consider Sauganash an extension of each young man’s home and strive to foster a family atmosphere in which everyone takes personal responsibility for the center and the people there. At Sauganash, like in all families, each person brings a unique contribution to the life of the center and is encouraged to put himself at the service of the others. Sauganash’s characteristic fraternal camaraderie is the result of the self-sacrificing initiative that each participant lives at the center and also brings back to his family life at home. In addition, we encourage frequent communication between parents and mentors as the work we do at Sauganash is more effective the stronger our partnership is with the parents of each participant.

Education in Freedom

Exercising and respecting freedom is paramount to a happy life. Present in all the formation we offer at Sauganash is a reliance on making free choices, motivated by a desire for the good, rather than acting merely out of a sense of duty or fear of repercussion. We emphasize helping young men take ownership for their decisions by learning to exercise good judgement and to take prudent risks.