Parents are the protagonists.  The work we do at Sauganash only complements the immeasurable efforts of parents to raise their sons as men of character.  Consequently, the mentors at Sauganash can accomplish more the more closely they can work with the parents of each participant to address their son’s particular needs.  In addition to meeting with each participant every month, mentors are regularly available to meet with their mentees’ parents at Sauganash Study Center to discuss how Sauganash can best serve them and their son.  For meetings to be most effective, we ask that both parents be present for any scheduled meeting with a mentor.

Schedule a meeting with your son’s mentor below.

Vince Rinaolo

Freshman Program Director

Work Experience: NuMat Technologies, Northridge Preparatory School, South Bronx Educational Foundation
Education: BS & MS, Chemistry, Northwestern University

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Sean Kirwan

Freshman Program Assistant Director

Work Experience: GeoServices Inc.
Education: BA & MS, Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Christos Roman

Freshman Mentor

Volunteer Experience: Sauganash Study Center, Youth Service International

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Edwin Carbajal

Sophomore Program Director

Work Experience: Northridge Preparatory School, National Institute of Health
Education: BA, Biology, Princeton University; MSBS, Microbiology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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Pablo de Andres

Sophomore Program Assistant Director

Work Experience: Montearagon School
Education: BA, Education, University of Zaragoza

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Justin Reckart

Junior Program Director

Work Experience: Sauganash Study Center, Vista Equity Partners
Education: BA, Economics, Stanford University; MS, Financial Economics, Columbia Business School

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Pat Healy

Senior Program Director

Work Experience: Northridge Preparatory School, Moody’s Corporation
Education: BA, Economics & Finance, University of Dallas

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