High School

Saturdays at Sauganash

Sauganash organizes activities on Saturday afternoons for high school students that foster a spirit of service, growth in friendship, and good use of free time. Activities range from sports games to cultural excursions, birthday celebrations, and visits to the homeless.  The activities include a time of prayer for those interested at 6:00 pm.  For the 2020-21 school year, to avoid large groups, most activities will be organized for individual grades.  Please contact the program director for your grade for more information about upcoming Saturday activities.

Edwin Carbajal

Justin Reckart

Pat Healy

Vince Rinaolo

Health & Safety

To protect the health and safety of participants and staff, this year Tomahawk will follow these COVID guidelines.

Study Nights

Sauganash sponsors proctored study nights on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for high school students that focus on fostering a habit of study and hard work.  Each study night includes time for dinner.  For those interested, the last hour of the study night will include an optional talk on the spiritual life.

Study nights take place each Tuesday and Thursday unless except for the nights of The Launch Seminar.  See the calendar here for exact dates.


Juniors & Seniors: Tuesday
Freshmen & Sophomores: Thursday

4:00 – 5:30 Silent study
5:30 – 6:00 Dinner
6:00 – 6:30 Clean up
6:30 – 7:30 Talk (for those interested) or continued study

To protect the health and safety of participants and staff, this year we will follow these COVID guidelines.


Dates Age Group Location
November 13 – 15 High School Shellbourne Conference Center (Valparaiso, IN)
November 20 – 22 High School
Wynncliff Farm (Cleveland, WI)
March 19 – 21 High School Shellbourne Conference Center (Valparaiso, IN)
March 31 – April 1 High School Sauganash (commuter retreat)

Shellbourne is a conference center located in Valparaiso, Indiana. The spiritual activities offered at Shellbourne Conference Center are entrusted to Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.


What to bring:

– Long pants.
– Collared shirts.
– Toiletries.

What not to bring:

– Towels
– Sleeping bags.
– Cell phone: To avoid distractions, we ask that high school students not use their cell phone throughout the event.
– School work: We also suggest that all students avoid bringing school work so that they can focus better and get the most out of the retreat.


Friday 5:00 pm: Departure from Sauganash (bring extra money for dinner on the way).
Friday 7:30 pm: Retreat begins.
Sunday 1:30 pm: End of retreat.
Sunday 3:30 pm: Return to Sauganash.

Cost & Payment

The total cost of the retreat is $125.

Pay online here or send a check payable to “Sauganash Study Center” to:

Sauganash Study Center
5815 N. Cicero Ave.
Chicago, IL 60646