COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Given the circumstances with the pandemic, Sauganash Study Center will be implementing the following guidelines this academic year in order to maintain the safety of all staff and participants.

  1. When students arrive for activities at Sauganash, their temperature will be taken and they will have to respond to a few health and wellness questions.
    1. If a student has a fever or has been exposed to someone known to have COVID in the previous two weeks, he should stay home.
    2. If a student arrives to Sauganash with a fever, he will be asked to be picked up.
  2. Masks are to be worn indoors at all times, except when eating.
    1. Masks will also be worn inside cars when transportation is provided.
  3. While indoors, social distancing will be expected as much as feasible.
  4. When outdoors, masks will not be required.  However, social distancing will still be encouraged.
  5. For activities with dinner, students are responsible for bringing their own food.  For activities with snacks, Sauganash will provide individually packaged snacks.
    1. Whenever reasonable, food will be eaten outdoors. When eating indoors, social distancing will be encouraged.
    2. Students may also eat before arriving to activities if they prefer.
  6. Sauganash will be cleaned frequently and hand sanitizer is available throughout the house.
    1. Students will be encouraged to hand sanitize when they enter Sauganash.
  7. The Launch Seminar will be held at Northridge Preparatory School following all the guidelines specified by Northridge (provided in detail here).  Among other points, these guidelines include:
    1. Screening each student with a temperature check and a few health and wellness questions upon arrival.
    2. Mandatory masks indoors.
    3. Desks spread six feet apart and social distancing encouraged.
  8. Guidelines for overnight activities may vary from the guidelines above and will be provided prior to the beginning of each activity.