• 5:30 – 7:00 Silent Study Hall
  • 7:00 – 7:30 Dinner
  • 7:30 – 8:30 Seminar

Dinner is provided at each seminar and is covered by the seminar fee.

The Big Picture Seminar (Tuesdays)

September 12 Making the Most of High School
September 26 Character & Maturity
October 10 Self-Knowledge
October 24 Leadership vs. Peer Pressure
November 7 What Colleges are Looking For
November 28 Extracurricular Activities
December 12 Never Quitting
January 16 Time Management
January 30 Being a Man of Culture
February 13 Productive Use of Summer
February 27 Study Habits
March 13 Self-Mastery
March 27 The Dangers of Pornography
April 10 Freedom & Happiness
April 24 Friendship vs. Isolation and Selfishness
May 8 True Manliness

The Professional Seminar (Tuesdays)

September 12 Which Career is for You?
October 10 Discovering the Law
November 7 Understanding the Medical Profession
December 12 Flying High: Being a Pilot
January 16 A Career in Digital Media
February 13 Planning for a Productive Summer
March 13 Let’s Make a Deal: Learning Business
April 10 Making Things Work: Engineering
May 1 A Walk Down Wall Street: Working in Finance

The Professional Seminar (Thursdays)

September 14 Choosing A Major I
October 12 Choosing A Major II
November 9 Choosing A Major III
December 14 Managing the College Application Process
January 11 Planning For a Productive Summer
February 15 The Art of the Resume I
March 15 The Art of the Resume II
April 12 Learning to Interview
April 26 Mock Interviews

Filling in the Gaps (Thursdays)

September 14 Relativism: What is Truth?
October 12 Morality and Conscience
November 9 Authority and Freedom: Can We Have Both?
December 14 Human Rights, Individualism, Libertarianism
January 11 Secular Humanism: A Common Worldview
February 15 Marriage and Society
March 15 Reliability of Scripture
April 12 Soul and Spirit: Do They Matter?
April 26 Evolution: Where Do We Come From?